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Return to a first love: Velodrone brings ‘90s alt rock dreams to fruition in self-titled debut album

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Formed in late 2018 in Los Angeles, Velodrone is a power-trio rock band that have managed to combine some all-but-forgotten original, unreleased songs from the ‘90s along with newly written material to create a solid album of ‘90s inspired indie/alt rock for a whole new generation of listeners.

Led by Oberlin Conservatory grad Marisa Dewa, “This all started when I stumbled upon some old cassettes of demos that I had done with a previous band of mine from the late ‘90s.  It sparked something inside of me and made me want to play again.  I couldn’t resist that pull—once a musician, always a musician.”

Dewa recruited guitarist Danielle Caseñas who taught herself how to play bass, along with Zachary Bernstein, a writer and composer of musical comedy who was looking for another outlet to play the drums.

They’ve since gained a local following playing shows in and around the Los Angeles area (pre-Covid) and their shoegaze-inspired, distortion-powered rock songs are inspired by The Breeders, Lush, My Bloody Valentine and Hole.

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Velodrone doesn’t just wrap you in nostalgia, they take control of it and make it their own which is something you must hear to believe.


Review Fix

Velodrone are out to prove that there is still plenty of creativity that can be mined from the minimal elements of guitar, bass, and drums.

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Velodrone draw heavily
from rock's most spaced out explorers on their stunningly beautiful screeching
self-titled debut.


Beach Sloth

Dark and introverted songs like 'Elated' and 'Believe' alternate with typically '90s alt-rock moments...

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Indie for Bunnies

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Velodrone's garage-like sound is totally irresistible. This is an avant-garde masterpiece that you do not want to miss!


Warlock Asylum
International News

....this magic trio shaped their sound incorporating in their songs the best vibes of '90s indie and alternative rock.

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Planet Singer



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